Dominica Music, a Creative Art Form

Musical art form in Dominica has evolved over the years. Dominica art takes on many forms and music is an aspect of Dominican art which is highly respected by the population. The Dominican musical art form has its roots in slavery and the traditions brought to the Caribbean by African slaves. The musical art form in Dominica has also been influenced by music from neighboring Caribbean countries. Some of the more popular types of musical art form in Dominica include Calypso, steel band music, cadence, bouyon and zouk. Steel Pan and Calypso are tow musical art forms which originated in the Caribbean island of Trinidad.

Calypso is a type of social commentary which was borrowed from the slaves and Steel Pan is music is an orchestra like arrangement of steel barrel and drums which make astounding music. Cadence and bouyon are original Dominican musical art form. Bouyon produced in the 90’s is the younger of the two. The musical art form in Dominica over the years has received many boosts and it keeps improving for the better.

Fusion Village Bar Dominica is impressively adorned with eye catching murals which were artfully painted. Restaurant Photos are clearly displayed for both promotional purposes.


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