The Dominica Museum

Dominica Museum is a great place to see and learn about Dominica’s history and culture where Dominica art is on display at the only museum in Dominica also called the Dominica Museum. The Dominica Museum the only museum in Dominica opened in 1995 with the help of local historian Dr. Lennox Honychurch.

The Dominica Museum is located on the Bay Front in Roseau. The Dominica Museum is housed in a building of historical importance to Dominica. The museum in Dominica tells the story of this island nation and the people which inhabits the island. The museum is the place that shows Dominica Art and Culture in its truest form.

The museum exhibits important part of the lives of the island’s natives, the Caribs through their art. Although a good part of their legacy has been erased the Dominica museum was able to document their way of life. The museum of Dominica is small but rich in content and documentation. The life of the Europeans who settled the island is also well documented at the Dominica museum. The island’s politics and government leaders are recorded at the museum of Dominica.

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