DOMFESTA- Dominica celebrates its art and culture

DOMFESTA, Dominica Festival of Arts is Dominica’s festival of arts. Dominican arts take a prominent position at DOMFESTA. DOMFESTA is an annual celebration in Dominica which brings artists and fans together during the DOMFESTA celebration which runs over a set period of time. DOMFESTA is an island wide celebration. During DOMFESTA there are various activities which bring people together. Activities for DOMFESTA include the national song competition, art exhibitions, drama and theatrical performances among other activities in DOMFESTA. DOMFESTA is celebrated in the months of April and June each year. At DOMFESTA the Golden Drum awards are given out. These are awards for persons who have made contributions towards the development of art and culture in Dominica. The DOMFESTA is a celebration of Dominica’s culture and heritage. Artists from music industry and painters get a lot of attention paid to their works during DOMFESTA. At DOMFESTA there are many workshops and seminars for artists and the persons involved in working in music art, dance and culture in Dominica.

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