Dominica's Artists

Dominican artists are very skilled artists. Dominican art like Dominican artists is very unique. Artists of Dominica base most of their art on their natural environment. Dominican artists draw strength and inspiration from the day to day activities going on around them.

The works of artists in Dominica or Dominica artists can be seen on display in small galleries around the island or at private galleries of the Dominican artists themselves. Dominican artists pride themselves on producing good quality pieces of art. Art in Dominica done by gifted artist from Dominica, is known worldwide. Dominican artists employ different styles to create their work of art. Artists of Dominica use different mediums to produce beautiful work, this includes; charcoal, oils, paints, pencil and watercolors among others.

The work of Dominican artists has been on display at many galleries across the Caribbean. The art produced by Dominican artists is slowly moving away from sceneries, landforms or landscapes and people and leaning towards abstract art. Other work created by Dominican artists include wood carving, pottery, sculptures, cotton batik, poetry and folk stories.


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