Dominica Art

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Carib art and craft in Dominica is very highly regarded. Dominica art and craft takes many forms and is highly regarded in the Caribbean. Carib art and craft items include baskets, mats, hats, jewelry, sifters, carvings and paintings among other Carib art and craft. The art and craft sold by the Caribs are inexpensive and the sale of the art and craft help sustain a tradition which is very important to Dominica. The natives are very creative people and have been producing art and craft from pre-Columbus times. Carib craft and art is truly unique and contributes to the heritage of Dominica.

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The Caribs learn art from their ancestors who inhabited the island long before Europeans visited the Caribbean. Art and craft of the Carib are made from 100% natural materials. Materials used to make Carib art and craft include coconut, shells, bamboo, tree bark, banana leaves and dyes. Carib art and craft are made by the indigenous people of Dominica. Most Carib arts and crafts are sold in the Carib reserve in small stands along the roadside. Carib art and craft is sold at the main souvenir market near the cruise ship berth in Roseau and Carib arts and crafts products are a big part of Dominica art.

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